15 Boxed Hand Blown Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Decorations Ornaments Antique


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This is a small plain brown cardboard box for 15 wonderful assorted hand blown glass Christmas tree decorations. These are made from very thin glass with a variety of mirror effect decoration and colours with a metal top held in with a spring that also forms a loop to hang the globe ornament on the tree.


Early to mid 1900’s.


Has printed on the box side 1- DOZ No 60 Made in Germany

Please note it is not always the original decorations in the original box as the decorations easily got broken, put back into different boxes from one year to the next or favorites collected together over the years.


The box corners are broken where have been stapled together.
The mirroring and painted decoration on the globes have gone a bit.

Please check with pictures, any questions please email me.

Size Decorations Largest


Size BOX

230mm 139mm 45mm

Weight Complete Box

136g(Not including packing)

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