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    • The BURLINGTON compendium of popular games.

      20 games can be played with this most popular & up to date compendium.

      Ludo,Royal Ludo, Steeplechase, The spelling bee, Letter pool, word forfeits, Noted names, Criss Cross row, Mystery, Draughts, Polish draughts, Quoits, Go Bang, Fox & geese, Lossing Draughts, Word making and word taking, Sentences, Blow Football, Flippolo, Tidleywinks.

      • A folding board with Steeplechase on one complete side and a draughts and Ludo on the other side.
      • 4  metal steeplechase horses.
      • Wooden Draughts 12 white, 12 black.
      • 1 wooden dice shaker. with 4 large bone counters & 16 small bone counters. 
      • an envelope of cardboard letters.
      • 2 metal die cut footballers in wire goal posts, 4 wooden football blowers, 1 celluloid ball.
      • 1 wooden quoits board with 2 rubber quoits.
      • 2 Dice.
      • 1 Printed Rule book with 16 pages

      Comes in a square lithographic printed box.


      Early 1900’s


      Chad Valley Harborne  England


      Box is broken at corners and 2 edges of the lid are separated from the lid.

      The letters in the envelope may not be complete as there is no detail to how many there should be.

      Please check with pictures, any questions please email me.


      315mm     315mm      43mm

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      568g(Not including packing)

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