Graniteware Enamelware Childs Toy Dolls Escargot Pan + Strainer + Pan Antique


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An enamelware graniteware child’s toy make believe Escargot Pan Strainer .
Escargot pan, Strainer pan with lid (not enamelwear), tin with porcelain knob.
Pan with lid (not enamelwear) tin with porcelain knob.


I would think early 1900’s


No makers marks but probably French.


Escargot pan small nibbles on edges and the hook for hanging it up has enamel wear front and back.
The strainer pan has a few nibbles on edges and at the base of the handle has enamel wear front and back.
Pan good with small nibbles on edges.

Please check with pictures, any questions please email me.

Size Escargot pan including handle

143mm       62mm     8mm

Weight all Together

100g(Not including packing)


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