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SNAP Playing Cards 64 Grotesque Characters by Tenniel John Jaques 1933 Vintage


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A complete pack of SNAP playing cards with 16 sets of 4 each design making 64 cards of Grotesque Characters. Beautiful, Printed in Colours.” The social satire illustrations were designed by John Tenniel (1820-1914). Comes in Cardboard slip cover with postage details from W.D. & H. O. WILLS branch of the imperial tobacco co 1933.




The backs are from a set printed by John Jaques for W.D. & H. O. WILLS Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company of Great Britain & Ireland Limited BRISTOL.


The box is very worn and tapped up with Sellotape.

cards are worn on corners and have been well used but still good colours and complete

Please check with pictures, any questions please email me.

Size in Box

72mm 25m 97mm


142g(Not including packing)

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