Wincarnis Tonic Wine

Wincarnis The wine that is now called Wincarnis was also called Liebig’s Extract of Meat and Malt Wine.
Wincarnis (win = wine, carnis = meat) was produced by Coleman & Co Ltd, St George’s and Bank Plain, Norwich and 3 New London Street, London.
One consumer’s testimonial, advertised in 1891, in a book of hints and directions in book keeping for retail chemists (‘How do I stand?’) states: “I have been attending a child two and a half years old suffering from blood poisoning; the child was very ill and refused all kinds of nourishment. I then tried your Liebig’s Extract of Meat and Malt Wine alcoholic, ordered him one table spoonful every two hours, which he took readily; he had nothing else except medicine for 14 days — the child is now recovering, and takes ordinary food. Yours truly, Geo. Hother, Surgeon.
Wincarnis was also available with added iron or quinine at the same price of 3/3 (17.5p) or 5/6 (27.5p) per bottle.
Wincarnis is currently advertised as an English aperitif wine and is produced by Hedges & Butler Ltd of London.

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